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Hi guys, just to say I, "slenderman" have finally completed the layout and all the materials all …
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Hi guys, just to say I, "slenderman" have finally completed the layout and all the materials
all three floors are done, but my game ideas have changed and now i have thought of making it three different games.

First Floor hide and seek
on this floor participants will take part in a hide and seek game.
Rules of the game
1.warp to h52maze
2.empty inventory
3.switch to adventure mode
4.go and hide on the first floor only
wait until everyone has found a place to hide, when you have found a spot please say ready.
5. you are to stay in that spot until found, (holding sneek to make you invisible behind the walls)
6.when found you will be slain in order to lose
7. no cheating
that is all the rules for this game

Second Floor finders, keepers.
for this level, when you want to play just head to the back of the first floor. and wait patiently for others or notify me when youre ready. id like to have a minimum of 5 people playing this game at a time since it will be a finding game.
Rules of the game;
1. empty inventory before entering the building
2. switch game mode to adventure.
3. wait for all five participants to be ready.

the aim of this game is very simple. there are 5 crates on this floor, two of them will contain one of two items. the rest wil be empty. this item will be random so that no cheating can take place. when you have found the item you are to go to the blue and red circles and place the item in the ender chest in the middle of the circles. once you have done this state that you have on chat by saying the password that will be in the book with the chest you found the item in. this will announce you the winner.

Third Floor Slenderman...
this level is where I slenderman, will participate in finding your horrible excuses for humans in my forest. you can run but you cant hide. ha,ha,ha

rules? RUN!!! slenderman will find you!

thankyou for taking part those of you who helped me with this project, I'd like to thank, davidslain, retardeduser, fwiller and misheal1.
those that have taken part, please comment below so i can note your participation
now that all floors have been completed, does anyone want a game?

by h52WHA


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