• We are closing the Private Snapshot and the Mindcrack servers!
    by DavidSlain, March 8
    At least temporarily. We've shut down the private snapshot server in favor of the public one, which has seen an astounding amount of traffic, already a rousing success!

    The Mindcrack server is closing in favor of a brand new project, the Ultra Hardcore Arena, a vanilla snapshot, PvP survival competition. Each match will have a new world, a new challenge for the players, and we plan on experimenting with game rules. Dying will drop you into spectator mode so you can see other people die, too. :P171 Views, 9 Comments
  • Welcome Intrepid Explorers!
    by DavidSlain, February 21
    We don't necessarily know how you found us, but we're glad you did! (And you can tell us below, if you want!)

    You're more than welcome to join our fun in our public snapshot server, who's address is minelord.com:11235

    It's hard survival: you will probably die, repeatedly, but the rewards for playing are great! There is a block-protected area, bound by a frame of wood floating in the air. Just leave that zone, and your survival begins!

    Another way to become involved is by registering for our forums! We don't send you anything, and linking our forum to your minecraft account lets us do things like say, "Hi @Glunnator! how are you doing today?" The icons are pulled from your Minecraft skin.

    Just to help you feel safer, know that we don't like griefers. At all. We think griefers deserve to be sent to a special level of the Nether, reserved just for them. So that's what we do- we send them, well, there. :D

    Thank you for joining us on our quest to have the most fun possible in minecraft.

    -The Lords and Ladies of Minelord116 Views, 1 Comments
  • Happy Holidays, Christmas and New Year!
    by Windy, December 2013
    A joyous all of the above to you all!

    2013 has been a quiet but steady going year for Minelord, and while we have had our ups and down, we have all been able to keep each other company through odd and good times.

    May the next year be one full of good news, happy occasions and generally Good Stuff™!

    I'd also like to thank @Glunnator for his recent donation. Now Minelord will live on for a few more months to come!

    Now off ye all to enjoy this festive season! I attach some chocolate fudge I made earlier, in case you get hungry (quite unlikely, I guess).

    http://i.imgur.com/akSL7r7.jpg127 Views, 4 Comments
  • Minecraft 1.7.2!
    by Windy, December 2013
    What it says on the title!

    The main server now runs Minecraft v1.7.2!


    Note that some plugins don't work yet, and the playing experience may be bumpy.

    A small reminder that the super secret snapshot server is always kept up to date, and is currently running Minecraft v1.7.4.
    177 Views, 3 Comments
  • Mindcrack!
    by Windy, October 2013
    Thanks to @Mesmeratio's friendly reminder, I have spent the past few hours getting a FTB Mindcrack server running, again.

    The IRC echo is on the channel #Mindcrack, and the server is restarted every day at 7 am GMT, with daily backups as well.

    If you'd like to join the fun, you'll need to ask one of us to whitelist your Minecraft username.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't use our old FTB world as the new mods were conflicting with it. Sorry about that!

    You can access the server through minelord.com:1337.

    Have fun!

    NOTE: You have got to let me know when you need things updated, changed, or set up. Saying it once and hoping I'd have so much free time some day to remember to do it, is kinda unfair. Please please remember that this is no longer my server, but our server!432 Views, 23 Comments
  • Thijn is so awesome. Thank you Thijn!
    by Windy, October 2013
    Many many thanks to @Thijn, we are now running on a very powerful server since September.

    It's all thanks to @Thijn's donation as well as his hard work in getting us nice and cosy on the new machine!

    All hail @Thijn!

    In other news, @Knucis has been making more music. Beast is a beast!


    Also, @Koozma now has a Facebook page! Like it, bookmark it, everything!


    And the next time you see @DavidSlain around, ask him about his grand cathedral. It's stunning!144 Views, 3 Comments
  • Fat Cow
    by Windy, September 2013
    @Thijn recently spotted an amazing deal on ovh.nl for a server which costs the same as our current one does, but packs the following specs:
    Intel Core i5-2300 processor (2.8GHz x 4)
    16GB DDR3 RAM
    An amazing deal right?

    This is 2 times the CPU, 4 times the RAM, and 8 times the hard disk space compared to what we had before on good old @ozzie's reliable service.

    After discussing with @ozzie, we decided to move to this new server, and @Thijn made an order.

    That order went through a few days ago and @Thijn and I have been busy moving us to it.

    This post is to announce that all of our resources have moved over to FatCow, our new server, creatively named by @Thijn.
    If you find that you cannot connect to the Minecraft server through minelord.com, try connecting to fatcow.minelord.com.

    You might find that certain things are not working. If so, please poke @Windy or @Thijn. This would be much appreciated!

    Hope you all like the performance boost!200 Views, 6 Comments
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