• General Rules

    • Respect all players.

    • Respect the staff: Always follow their instructions. If you think any decisions were unfair, post a report.

    • Do NOT abuse bugs or possible exploits. Alert a member of the staff.

    • Do NOT destroy other peoples' work without their permission.

    • NO Griefing: This includes the use of TNT for malicious purposes, the use of fire for malicious purposes or placing water/lava in potentially harmful sources.

    • NO Spamming.

    • NO Cheating.

    • NO racial/ethnic slurs or any disrespectful and/or abusive comments within in-game chat.

    Freebuild Worlds

    • No trespassing: You are free to see the other's work, but if they tell you to leave, then do so.

    • Do NOT build offensive contraptions. (This includes phallic / religiously offensive / extremist objects etc)

    • Do NOT build in the main city without permission. Ask one of the admins first.

    Survival World

    • NO Glitching: Do not gain advantage by exploiting Minecraft's bugs.

    • NO Stealing: This applies to all chests, furnaces, dispensers, brewing stands etc, not only protected ones.

    • In towns, try not to mine into other peoples' houses, try to mine mainly below yours.