Windgard: History

Read the pre-Windgalia history of Windgard here. The Arrival The first Windgardians arrived i…
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Read the pre-Windgalia history of Windgard here.

The Arrival

The first Windgardians arrived in Windgalia on a large fleet of air ships. Their movements were slow, and fleet close together. On discovering Windgalia, the ships stopped their procession and maintained their position for several weeks, as if they were anticipating aggression.

Landstead scouts discovered the large fleet while patrolling the eastern cliffs. The battalions of Landstead were mobilised within days and the famed Landstead Union Navy moved swiftly to meet their strange assailant. The Landstead fleet reached their destination by nightfall and hid in coves, watching the movements of the mysterious air ships.

All of a sudden, thick clouds approached from all four corners of the sky, blocking out the moonlight. The Landstead navy stood their ground in the dark, wary of any sudden movements. When the sun rose in the morning, the air ships were nowhere to be seen. After a few days of scouting on the eastern coast, the Landstead Union Navy commander ordered a retreat.

On their way back to Landstead, the Navy was met with a strange sight. Tents were pitched on green plains, the area which is now known as the town of Estuary. On close look, they seemed to have been built from the fabric of the mysterious air ships. What was even more surprising was the fact that there was not a single grown man in sight, but only women, children and old men.

The people were dressed in refined clothes. The women wore numerous intricate ornaments, the children had jackets of golden silk, and the old men were clothed in maroon cloaks, silver threaded hoods obscuring their wizened faces. Stacks of books were visible among the jumble of what almost seemed like the wrecks of air ships.

Bewildered, the Lantstead Union Navy retreated to their capital of Pova. A decision was made to let the newcomers be, as they settled onto their self-claimed lands.

The Aggression

As time went by, the people of Landstead started to forget about the strange people who had flown from the East. Life returned to normal as the people continued their daily chores, keeping peace and harmony in the lands of Windgalia.

It was when the Windgardians were starting to be forgotten that Pova was sieged by a battalion of Windgardians. The first childrens had grown up to be fierce and strong men, and the magic they wielded was unheard of. The weapons of the Windgardians glowed a pale lilac as they sung in battle against the relentless walls of Pova. Puzzled by the sudden onslaught, many good citizens of Landstead fell to Windgardian blades. Resistance was strong however and the Windgardian were forced to retreat after a fortnight of constant battle.

After the battle, a Windgardian soldier was found gasping for breath at the gates of Pova. It is said that his last words were the following:
"One does not simply defeat the Minelords."
by Windy
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