A Short Introduction: Antonia

Overgrowth Weekly, a podcast for the indie game Overgrowth by Wolfire Games, used to have a Surviva…
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Overgrowth Weekly, a podcast for the indie game Overgrowth by Wolfire Games, used to have a Survival Minecraft server where many members of the Overgrowth community came together to build up Antonia, a continent and city found by Anton the beloved - composer and awesome human being.

It started with Anton wandering off into the wild for over 10 hours, armed with nothing but a few pieces of wood. He waded through the depths of the never ending seas and toiled on in the storm, passing many different and strange lands to arrive at a large and lush area full of hope. He gave the name 'Antonia' onto the lands and settled down into his first hut.

Players loitering around at spawn soon heard of this new colony and made their own ways down to aid in building up the new city. Buildings sprung up, and paths were laid down. With countless hours and mined resources spent, the city started to take form into what it currently is now.

A massively long railway was planned and engineered in the Nether world, connecting Antonia to spawn. This mass community effort was marked as one of the greatest achievements of Antonia.

Minelord.com has taken up the old world in an initiative to bring back some of the old Minecraft SMP action to the Overgrowth community.

Due to having multiple worlds as well as potential performance issues, the massive railway between spawn and Antonia was trimmed out, but the continent of Antonia was safely imported.

Several old players such as Psi, Anton, Surak, Sed and Glunnator have since been online, continuing several of the many abandoned construction sites. If you would like to catch them building online check this Live Map out.

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