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  • Hello, I'm an expert code-cracker. After a few seconds I have managed to translate Kooz's post: "Flavor is a pretty cool dude". No need to thank me, just doing my job here. 2681-0013-4780
  • Uh, sorry, guys. Pokemon X and Y comes out on Saturday so I'll be MIA for the weekend, probably.
  • But that's the problem. You're relying on walls and beefy units to keep your idols safe while you sort your stuff so that you can gain control later on. It's significantly easier this week because of Decay, which Energy doesn't have all that much of…
    in Scrolls! Comment by Flavor August 2013
  • It's not so much the whole faction that's crappy, despite what I made it sound, but the precon that's just impossible to win with. I need gold for cards and to get any respectable gold I need to win against Growth's wolf spam, Order's unit spam and …
    in Scrolls! Comment by Flavor August 2013
  • I made the mistake of starting with Energy. Haven't had much of a will to play when everything else shatters, bruises, devours and spits on that faction.
    in Scrolls! Comment by Flavor August 2013
  • I'll keep typing, if that's alright. I'll be in TS, though, but for me it's easier to type something rather than repeating it ten times over due to my weird accent.
  • Eh, I dunno. There's a difference between burning down and chopping down. Burning will completely destroy the blocks and would somewhat bypass the building limitations but do keep in mind that you also run a risk of burning down the entire jungle. A…
  • You literally have no idea how good horses are at climbing mountains. It's scary, really, since I'd say they're more effective at it than Skyrim horses. Also, yeah, one time I warped out of a sticky situation in Wingalia. Teleports should probably …
  • Inb4 "I'm too poor to afford my own death" But yeah, that seems legit. What should we do with emeralds? I proposed in the IRC that they could be worth 100 gold nuggets, seeing how they're fairly rare (you can only find them in Extreme Hills biomes …
  • Sigh, I'm gonna miss my secret basement strip club. I guess I could put it in the attic... As for villages, I'd mostly be a roaming merchant/errand boy between towns so I'd probably settle in some random town until I get a saddle and a donkey.
  • Just a question: Are all our houses gonna have dirt floors? That's kinda... rubbish, if you can't dig the dirt that's inside your own house.
  • "The Guild of Mages, uh? Thanks for the information, friend. If by any reason you require my help you may find me in my room. May I request the number of the room, though? Don't want to barge into a party uninvited."
  • "Ah, don't think too much about it." Argnar replies to the patron's statement about overcharging before continuing his speech "I'm looking for someone or something with information regarding wyverns. If you could point me in the right direction I'd …
  • Argnar opens the door to the tavern and walks inside. He approaches the counter and places his empty bottle on top of it. He reaches for a pouch, takes out 2gp and places them in such a way that the patron can easily see them. "Excuse me, good sir,…
  • Argnar, male Desert Elf Ranger Skin: Brown Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black; Wavy; Beardless Stats Strength 8 (-1) Dexterity 16 (+3) Constitution 8 (-1) Intelligence 10 (+0) Wisdom 10 (+0) Charisma 18 (+4) Feats Persuasive Track Equipment Short Swor…
  • BananaFlavored came from me getting fed up with "This name is not available" crap at start up. I said screw it and put in the first thing that came to mind. Why it was what it was I have no idea. AcruX goes back way when I used to play this paintba…
  • Voted for Mindcrack as well.
  • So, what's the final verdict? I can't wait to get started on all the Thaumcraft stuff!
  • I think Mystcraft was having some problems so they took it out. It doesn't add any world gen and I think there's plans to add it to the Mindcrack Pack once it's stable enough.
  • Well, the Ultimate Pack got delayed because one of the modmakers is away. I did find a spreadsheet comparing the Mindcrack Pack, the Direwolf Pack and the Beta Pack (the current main one that's not updated). It also has the other two packs but fee…
  • As I mentioned previously in the IRC chat channel, I don't mind GregTech at all. As a matter of fact, I actually enjoy the slower pace it promotes, requiring you to advance and experiment through the tiers of technology before dwelling right into th…
  • Just to clarify a few things: Thaumcraft is in FTB yes, but not on the main pack. It's on the "Magic" pack which is one of the available options the launcher offers. However, if I'm not mistaken, FTB does allow for custom packs. Edit; Missed the se…
  • While I don't play Tekkit at all (I did a few times in the past), I think the change would be for the better. Hopefully FTB will be updated soon with all the mods Mesmeratio mentioned above!
  • @Knucis; Obligatory comment about how it looks like something from Avatar And here's mine; It cycles between three variants. The red one (as you can see), a blue one and a multi color one.