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So, I've been building up this new terrain with @AcruX and I thought it would be a nice addition to…
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So, I've been building up this new terrain with @AcruX and I thought it would be a nice addition to Minelord!
My main idea is a PVP new survival world where all the admins have their own nations. Their nations must be in different areas of Windgalia. 
The nations are not necessarely enemies, they can make up alliances.

I present to you Windgalia! ( North ----> )

Windgalia's Important places:

 - Landstead Plains: a cliffless area with a swamp, doesn't have many vegetation.
 - Landstead North: a cliffless area that presents more vegetation.
 - Arcana Mountains: a frosty area with pines and a giant mountain. Highest place in Windgalia.
 - Cedor Woods: a giant area full of giant trees. It's presumed that this is the center point of Windgalia, and the eldest.
 - Windgard Cliffs: an area full of cliffs.
 - Windgard Coast: an area full of cliffs that presents a little beach.
 - Palmwich Island: an island with low vegetation. Presents just some random palm trees.
 - Boiling Sands Island: a very hot desert.
 - Sporeside Island: a plain island that presents mushrooms and fungus.
 - Unkown Areas: ????

@Hanney, @Windlord, @Orpheus, @Murdock, @Thijn, what do you think? We could also name the oceans up! IDEAS!
by Windy


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    WindyWindy Lord
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    I saw the world... and it's so awesome!
    The different areas are all so cool, I don't know which one to pick.

    I'll be replacing the 1.2 world with this one later on.

    Great work Knucis!
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    KnucisKnucis Lord
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    @Windlord thank you :D

    Anyway, about the PVP survival gamemode the main ideas are:
     - PVP is turned on.
     - You have to fight to survive.
     - You must belong to a nation.
     - Nations can punish their members depending on their behavior.
     - Each nation must have 1 enemy and 1 allie, or 2 enemies.

    And about the Nations: there should be only 3 Nations, each one having their own characteristics and their own area. A player can choose which nation to join (if the nations playercount are balanced).

    Here are some cool areas to create nations in:

     - Windgardians: city built on Windgard's regions
     - Cedorians: city built on Cedor Woods
     - Landstead Union: city built on Landstead's regions
     - Sporeside Nation: city built on Sporeside Island
     - Palmwich Tribe: city built on Palmwich Island
     - ????

    The city design is up to the nation's leader. Although every other building must have the same design.

    Each nation should have this obligatory buildings:

     - Town hall (with workbenches and furnaces)
     - Town trading center
     - Town mail building
     - (not obligatory, but useful) Town Inn
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    WindyWindy Lord
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    We've got Windgalia now. Many thanks to Knucis!

    While Towny is being configured (only enabled for Windgalia), check its wiki out.
    Once it's all setup we'll have several nations for the different areas of the world.

    You can see a live map of Windgalia here. Just select Windgalia from the sidebar.

    On another note, The End was removed, and the Survival 1.2 world will be removed soon due to lack of activity on it.
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    CJAwesomeCJAwesome Player
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    I was wondering if I could be leader or an assistant or something of Sporeside Island or another unknown island or something. I hope I'm not asking for too much.
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    WindyWindy Lord
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    The answer for now is no.
    Like I mentioned on the SPF a while ago, you should join up and see what has been done.
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