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So gents, about a year and a half ago I participated (along with my wife, Lisa, and several other p…
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So gents, about a year and a half ago I participated (along with my wife, Lisa, and several other people both closely and loosely connected to us) in an experiment in social media called Beckinfield.

Beckinfield was [is] a fictional town in central California where weird supernatural events occurred constantly. Ghosts, voices from nowhere, bizarre lights in the sky, odd people in suits walking around, earthquakes and fires and floods that come without warning. And it was all happening around YOU.

Beckinfield was awesome. The creators of the site gave, each week, an advancement on the storyline, and you played a side character that "observed" the events and vlogged about it. On a Friday night about two weeks after Lisa started, I went to her:

"Hey, er... I have an idea... "
"I have an Idea."
"O... K..." pause. "What is it?"

The next day was a freaking ten hour whirlwind. We hit every costume, secondhand and eclectic store in a ten mile radius, hit a hardware store for some paint, went to a craft store for fabric, and even traveled to a dark and scary place for the final piece of the puzzle, and lemme tell you, that attic was HOT. Like 120 hot. Like never doing it again. But, I digress. We tried every combination of masks, fabrics, filters, lighting setups, and finally hit on the simplest solution being the best (my wife telling me to knock it off already and just use what we had, no extra gimmicks, no virtual effects, just use what we had) and the character of Gabriel Michaels was finally born. Below is the story that unfolded, in sequence, told through the eyes of the people of Beckinfield, and the mouth of Gabriel himself.

I'm going to keep updating this thread periodically as I put together the pieces of Gabriel's story from many different accounts and perspectives, but for now, Good People, I leave you with this.

Gabirel's Intro-

by DavidSlain


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