Thanks to DaniGold for May!

May's rent has been paid off thanks to @DaniGold (and myself)! Our server continues to chug on, ser…
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May's rent has been paid off thanks to @DaniGold (and myself)! Our server continues to chug on, serving our creative community with zeal.

Last month, I have been relatively dormant with exams and deadlines clogging up my schedule. Sadly, this month will be even worse and I suspect many of us will have multiple obligations to fulfill. Alas, it's that time of the year when school is wrapping up...

Best of luck to those who are afflicted! We'll see each other on the other side!

For those who aren't bogged down with work or study, here are some community creations to view!

@Fwiller has been at work with drawing another Minelord community member, and this time it is none other than Lady @Lumidox! Check out the drawing below,

You can also find a delightful drawing hidden in his thread of the project!

@Knucis has been hard at work composing again. Despite an epic okay, not so epic... hard drive failure, Knucis lost quite a lot of his work! Despite that this young musician dusted it all off and strided ahead with new pieces.

My Love is one I've got on all the time these days. Can't get enough of it!

Of course, there are many others which you should definitely check out. They're all over at Klaws Begins (on Youtube).

@moomoohk will love Night Terror.

The month of May is known as a month of the family in Korea. Let's continue to be supportive of each other as we toil through another 31 days of beautiful life!
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