April's here, thanks to Fwiller, moomoohk and Thijn!

As mentioned in the title, many many thanks to @Fwiller, @moomoohk, and @Thijn for keeping us going…
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As mentioned in the title, many many thanks to @Fwiller, @moomoohk, and @Thijn for keeping us going for another epic month!

It is thanks to Fwiller, moomoohk, and Thijn that we are able to host our sites and services for April. We must however, as usual, not forget the other wonderful contributions we have had in March!

This month has been eventful as usual, as our beloved members continue to be creative and supportive of one another.

First off, we saw an epic adventure started off by our resident philosopher and magician, @Mesmeratio! Our first DnD adventure, appropriately named Minelord & Monsters was organised and initiated by Mr. Mesmer as dungeon master (DM).
If you haven't joined in the fun yet, here's a summary:
A gnome walked into an inn.
A dwarf walked into the inn.
A centaur ran over children and bumped into an old woman.
The dwarf got drunk and left.
A druid was startled by a vintage spiderman.
The centaur walked into the inn.
The druid found some older druids.
The gnome ran off to find maps.
A cloaked woman is walking towards a town.
A black rock troll was startled by a flying man.
The rock troll walked into the town and was invited into the mage's guild for tea.
The gnome ran off to find magic documents at the mage's guild.
If you haven't joined in the adventure yet, head over to this thread to create a character, then hop into the epic story over here.
Come and join in before this becomes the next bestselling novel!

Here's a beautiful map by @Mesmeratio if you need more convincing:


Secondly, @Koozma has graced us with another issue of the comic Zombie Shenanigans! Check it out over here. It is a delightfully illustrated issue as usual.

@mishael1 is as glamorously portrayed as ever!

Thirdly, @ozzie, johnno and Nath have been very busy building up some amazing structures near warp point shmec. Make sure to check 'em out when you can!

Fourthly, I've renamed myself to @Windy. Not that this is major news but yeah...

We'll be kicking off April with a splendid birthday party for @Koozma and @ozzie, details of which you can find in this thread. A big thank you to @Daemon and @DavidSlain for organising this one!
If you can't help out with the building, remember to come along to the actual party on Thursday 4th April at

9am PDT (California)
5pm BST (England, Portugal)
6pm CEST (Europe)
7pm IDT (Israel)
1am KST (Korea)

PS. This post ain't no April Fools' joke!
by Windy


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