Low Light Combat

David and Aubrey from Wolfire are just such talented and awesome people. In their latest game ja…
WindyWindy Lord
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David and Aubrey from Wolfire are just such talented and awesome people.

In their latest game jam (Mojam2), they made Low Light Combat, a... I'll just let David explain what it is.


Here are some screenshots I took:



Sync works!

A laser gun blast (left click)

A ninja laser sword slash (shift+left click)

Electrocution in water

Laser aim (E)

And... what can you do without a flash light? (F)

Descriptions from the Humble download page:

Low Light Combat is a multiplayer arena game in which nuclear-powered ninjas conduct wargames to decide world issues for the Illuminati. After traveling to a deserted ice cave in a nuclear submarine, the ninjas fight to the death to represent their owners' agenda.
The last ninja standing wins each round. The nuclear power source they use only lasts for sixty seconds at minimal usage, but they can replenish energy at a centrally-located nuclear charging station, or steal energy from opponents by killing them.

Default Controls:
WASD - move
left-click - attack
shift - run
space - jump
e - toggle laser flashlight
f - toggle traditional flashlight
c - crouch
t - chat
tab - display scoreboard

- Make each shot count -- each one uses up 15 seconds of life
- Running uses four times as much energy as normal movement
- Use your sword by attacking while holding the 'run' key
- Just because you are in the dark doesn't mean you are hidden. Watch your silhouette!
- Beware of salt-water, your nano-augmentations have exposed circuitry.


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    ThijnThijn Lord
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    :o I didn't know it was from David and Aubrey.
    I bought it as well, so we better play sometime :P
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    MishMish Lord
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    sounds swift and awesome!
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    DavidSlainDavidSlain Lord
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    I think the 'ghost' feature is my favorite.
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    SogapleSogaple Player
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    I have got the game on Humble Bundle and it is great only either there's no servers at all and when I try to connect with my friend on LAN (he makes a game, I join and vice versa), a message saying "failed to connect to master server pops out. Any ideas how to solve this?
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    WindyWindy Lord
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    I'm sorry @Sogaple, but I've no idea... I haven't played this game in absolutely ages!
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