DnD my dear Sir!

Sir Mesmeratio and I planned starting a DnD (Edit: Dungeons and Dragons) role play in Minelord. it …
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Sir Mesmeratio and I planned starting a DnD (Edit: Dungeons and Dragons) role play in Minelord. it seems to fit well the imaginative and playful spirit of many members here that we will be happy if they join. Mesmer kindly proposed to be the Game Master. Yet, just after that something happened in chat, and it made me concerned about the physibility of such fun project.

In a recent chat absolute madness broke. Totally. including me. As far as i know we all had lots of fun and laughed hard. But a game of DnD can't last for days with no boundaries at all. All chats, as big and funny as they are, don't last for more then an hour and a day.

Therefore, i suggest the game will be played on two platforms together:
On the chat, where the players act and go wild, and in forum where the events of the characters are described in full phrases, pretty much

when two characters talk, its easier to make it on chat and then copy to the forum. in this case- change your nick to your characters nick that must differ from your usual nick. Do Not use the character's nick unless you want to talk as your character in the roleplay.

An idea i just had and should be voted, is the use of minecraft for illustration of places, player position in battle or other ideas. i believe that we don't won't to rely too much on minecraft, and use it only as discs are used in traditional DnD game.

I believe that any Sir, Lord and most other members can join, yet i think the GameMaster should have the right to ban at will.

Please join, and if you wanna to let us all know by adding a comment below. also tell us what days you prefer.
hours would be set later, as its harder to manage....

Edit: Ladies too of course!
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    Minecraft as a virtual DnD mat!

    Splendid idea!
    Hail @Windy for the FTB server. If disagree, ice titans.
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    Hmm, do we need this discussion anymore? :(|)
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