Team Fortress 2 Minelord Server

"Tired of building? How about you joining us in blowing up each other's heads?!" Tha…


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    edited June 2013 Posts: 78
    I really appreciate that you posted the mapcycle. :)
    Gonna be lurking around for when people join.

    EDIT: By the way, you actually use cp_cloak?
    by RetardedUsername
    Lacks ninja skills
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    moomoohkmoomoohk Lord
    edited June 2013 Posts: 307
    How does the !votemap command work?

    Also can I haz perms pl0xzors
    o boi i luv segnatshures

    [03:35am] Minelord: [g] Sir Mish: what are biggie smalls
    [00:55:56] <Mish> she ain't hot
    [00:56:02] <Mish> just cleevage
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    ThijnThijn Lord
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    !votemap should work like this:
    !votemap ctf_2fort mvm_coaltown ....

    You can just basically give some maps from which users can choose.
    I think you can also just give one.

    I don't have your (Retarded nor Moomoo) STEAMID at the moment. You should join the server one time and kill some bitches. The stats should have a record of your STEAMID that way.
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