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[u][b]The Ancient Days:[/b][/u] At the beginning of time, there was only forest. Massive trees clu…
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The Ancient Days:
At the beginning of time, there was only forest. Massive trees clustered to form vast canopies that spread the entire world. All manner of creatures roamed the endless forests, predator and prey, the endless struggle for life. The universe was in a state of perfect balance. Life followed death, followed more life. The perfect balance of life and death. Pure harmony.
Amongst the primal quadrupeds that lived the very basic of lives, existed a truly unique species, the Sylvanari. The Sylvanari, unlike the other species that inhabited the forest, walked on only two legs. There were many different shapes and sizes, but they all shared one thing, their spiritual connection to the forest.
They praised Gaia, the mother of nature and balance, through their spirit talkers, who had an unusually strong connection to the forest and could commune with Gaia through certain formations of trees. One such formation was a small ring of trees sitting in the centre of a circular clearing in the towering trees of the surrounding forest. What the Sylvanari didn’t know was that this formation would play a very important role in the coming years.

The Cataclysm:
After millennia of perfect balance, suddenly a tragic event unfolded. From the centre of the continent came a massive roar. There was an explosion in the distance, though it sounded only a few feet away. Fire rained from the sky and the earth cracked open. The flames engulfed the forest, burning it to ashes. The fire surged on, unrelenting. The final stretch of forest lay far to the north. This last bastion for the Sylvanari and the creatures of nature bore the tree ring formation. Standing resolutely against the oncoming tide, the Sylvanari began to chant.
Prayers to Mother Gaia issued from their lips. Vast choruses rose up and overwhelmed the rapidly approaching inferno. Spirits of nature rose from the earth to stand by their creations. The trees began to glow and unleashed a torrent of sparkling seeds that whipped through the inferno, breaking it apart. Together, the united forces of nature and balance banished the hellfire from whence it came. Back, deep into the earth it flowed. Where once a vast ocean lay in the centre of the continent, rose a giant mountain, forever sealing away the ancient evil. That resolute stretch of forest would be immortalised as what is now known as the Cedor Woods.

The Arrival:
After another few millennia, balance began to return to the world. Small trees sprouted once again, grass grew over the scorched earth and the creatures returned to their primal lives.
Centuries later, there was a disturbance in the balance of the forest. Alerted, the Sylvanari (now held, by Gaia, as the protectors of nature and balance), swiftly moved to investigate. When they arrived at the source of the disturbance, they were met with a strange sight: a creature walking on two legs, which was not a Sylvan. The Sylvanari cautiously watched the intruder as he passed through the woods. It left without defiling the woods, so they let the creature go.
A few years later, curious about the strange creature, a group of brave Sylvanari left the shelter of the trees to seek it out. The sunlight invigorated them, giving them the confidence they needed to start their long trek across the continent.

The Journey:
Following the familiar oceans, the group passed over unfamiliar terrain. In the distance, they could see the great mountain that sealed away the cataclysmic force that almost destroyed their entire species. They shuddered at the thought of the evil locked away, deep in the earth under that mountain. Continuing their journey, the crossed a vast plain, dotted with small trees. As they went further down the coast, the vegetation grew less. Perhaps this area was the first to be consumed by the inferno. They passed by an area where the ground was flooded with water and the soil was soft and sticky, unlike the strong, rich soil of the woods. Finally, several weeks of walking, the group happened across a strange silhouette on the horizon.

The Encounter:
Approaching the mysterious shape, they found it was a large barrier made of the stone appearing deep in the earth. Following it round, they found a large opening on one side. Another one of the strange creatures was standing outside it, brandishing a long, sharp metal object. The Sylvanari quickly ducked back around the corner and hid. Climbing on top of the structure, they looked down upon the strange creatures that dwelt within. They stayed there for several months, observing the creatures from atop the stone and camping in the long grass that surrounded the creatures’ dwelling, always staying just out of sight. They learnt the creature’s language, customs, culture and behaviour, preparing for the inevitable day when the Sylvanari would make themselves known.

Author’s note:
I would just like to say, it was a great honour to write the pre-history of Windgalia. Previous lore (written by Windlord and Knucis) told of the history of their two nations’ former continents, and their arrival onto Windgalia. Being the natives of Windgalia, I found myself in the position of having to write it’s history, including the formation of great landmarks such as the Cedor Woods and the Arcana Mountain.

p.s. The ‘world’ that is often referred to is the world known to the Sylvanaria (now known as the continent of Windgalia) so does not impact the stories of the other continents.


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    How King Foltest in the Witcher 2 said: "This I like!". Even though it's focused very much on Windgalia, we probably could use that for other worlds too. And somehow I think you can read minds, since there's most of the ideas in there I'd have used too! :D

    Good work!
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    This is an amazing story and brings a whole load of new cultures into our world! I especially like how you've made references to Arcana and its potential doom.

    Great job!
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    Amazing! Seriously!
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