Creation Of Wingalia

In the begin there was light and dark. Being bored of the site of flat blocks and dead lands they c…
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In the begin there was light and dark. Being bored of the site of flat blocks and dead lands they created the first nations. They where Sya and Doren.
Doren is a hardy nation of dwarfs, working for there gold and diamonds and later evolving into a merchant town.
Sya is the elvish nation of the spirits of good and evil, using magic and the gifts of nature for the will of the gods (Minelords and "insert good side name here").

The Minelords were not satisfied with there position, being neglected by the two nations, so they decided to explore other land of Minecraftia in order to grow in power and overthrow light-sides rule over the nations.

Soon the first humans came and occupied the lands, claiming it as theirs.
they were the Windgardians and the Landsteads.
Seeing an opportunity to seize power and spread its corruption, they conflicted the newly came humans and slowly sowed hatred in the hearts of noble men.

"Insert good side name here" saw what was happening in there lands of peace and tried to restore balance to the nations. Seeing this was no easy task, they imbued the nations with gifts of virtue each with a special ability to overcome the dark reign of the Minelords.


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    WindyWindy Lord
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    Nice story.

    However, while Knucis' Landstead story and my Windgard story fit together, your story requires a rewrite of our stories!

    Not sure about that...
    It is a good idea otherwise.

    Edit: We could use some of your idea and have Gods for the different nations!
    Landstead could have a sea-based god, much like Poseidon for example.
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    DaemonDaemon Lord
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    Gaia (aka mother nature), likely candidate for the Sylvanari deity, seems to fit the bill of your 'light side', being the force of nature and balance.
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