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Expansion 300 years ago the mighty nation of Vallgaahn was the ruler of the misterious continent o…
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300 years ago the mighty nation of Vallgaahn was the ruler of the misterious continent of Kerrh. Containing the best vessels and watercrafts in the planet, Vallgaahn decided to go explore the oceans and spread their knowledge and power through the planet. With the 3 exploration vessels (Haun III, Kruda and Pova IV) containing 60% of Vallgaahn's population, the natives of Kerrh attacked the Vallgaahns ruthlessly, leaving the only population alive the ones inside the vessels. Not knowing about this, the 3 vessels continued with their mission: finding land.
10 years after an endless journey, land was finally seen for the first time. The 3 captains now had to do a decision. To continue and explore the lands, or to go back and get the rest of the population. The only captain that decided to explore this new land was Frederic Don Falr (captain and leader of the vessel Pova), while the others decided to go back. Frederic Don Falr has finally named this new land as: Windgalia - "land of knowledge".


Frederic named almost every region in Windgalia. The one where he has first stepped and where his base is being built with the vessel's materials, was Landstead. A complete flat land with a little swamp on the west. He soon kept exploring and saw a giant frosty mountain. This is one was named after his gorgeous and respected wife, Arcana. Cedor Woods was soon another region that he has stepped in. He claims to have seen some humanoid beings running through the giant trees watching him carefully over there, no one really believed him though.
Getting too old from exploring, Frederic finally came back to Landstead and had 2 sons. Gudivar Van Falr and Knucis Van Falr.
Frederic died when both their sons made their 10th birthday. Leaving the old Arcana to take care of them. She died 2 years later. Gudivar was elected king and Knucis was his sidekick.

Forgetting the past

Tired of waiting, Vallgaahn population finally started to forget their old nation. Not getting news from any of the vessels or the main nation, the population got angered thinking that they have been ditched over. That made Gudivar into changing their name into "The Landstead Union" as a new nation being reborn.

Flying ships

20 years after this last events, some of the Landstead scouts have seen some strange floating devices around the sky of Windgalia. They followed them into what was known as Windgard Coast. They were really impressed by what they've seen and contacted the Navy's commander, Knucis, for orders. Knucis ordered them to stand by and watch them closely. After some time, at night, the air devices dissapeared. When retreating they found out that a new town was being settled up. Knucis ordered the navy to let the newcomers be.

The Wars

After sometime (30 years) Landstead forgot about these newcomers. Gudivar didn't seem to care, or was too much old to make decisions, about these new people. Knucis warned Gudivar that something should be done with this newcomers. Later both kings finally decided that the next day they'd travel there and make an alliance. Although that same night the town of Pova had been attacked by the recently known Windgard, killing our beloved King Gudivar. Knucis has sworn to revenge his brother and preserve his father's memories. ACTIONS HAD TO BE DONE.
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