Windgard: Old History

The Minelords and Kingdom of Windgard It was in the year 915 that the Minelords appeared in the …
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The Minelords and Kingdom of Windgard

It was in the year 915 that the Minelords appeared in the continent of Palven. The red eyed humanoid race quickly claimed areas of Palven for their own and with their superior machinery, started mining into the centre of the continent.

The nations of Palven - Windgard, Kendon, Liftdge and Hamsfel noticed that something was amiss, and attempted to convene a council to decide their actions against this alien intruders. Due to being at war with each other, the four nations could not easily come to agreements and the council was continuously delayed. The Palven Games were stopped and while the evil machinery dug under their homes, the nations of Palven continued to battle one another. It was not until mysterious holes started to appear on Palven, that the four nations realised that action must be taken against the silent Minelords. The councillor of Windgard, Farsight was ordered to find out what the Minelords were attempting to do.

Several groups of the finest spies were sent into the lands of the Minelords never to return, and after fortnights of quarrelling, Farsight decided that it was time to make a bolder move. Farsight led a battalion of the finest men in Windgard, knights of honour and bravery into the lands of the Minelords in an attempt to find out the truth of their identity. It was soon discovered that the Minelords had broken through bedrock, exposing the continent of Palven to gaping Void Holes which spread like a disease through the expansive cave systems.

When Farsight reported his findings to the Kings of the four nations, a council was formed and all battle between the nations ceased. A combined army of the good people formed and was sent marching towards the land of the Minelords, to rid evil from the lands once and for all.

Forsaking Palven

Farsight forsaw that the last battle would be grim for Palven, and decided that the Windgardians should forsake the now accursed lands to seek a new continent, where their heritage and lore could be continued. The Air fleet of Windgard was readied as the men marched out of the gates, and Farsight organised the elders, women and children to board the air ships. All books of potion making, enchantment, lore and history were loaded onto the ships and within a matter of hours Windgard and everything that represents the kingdom was airborne. Flowers showered down on the grim soldiers as they marched on towards darkness, and the air ships quickly flew out towards the west, hoping to find hope in a new land. The women wept and the children cried but the elders looked on to the horizon with a small glimmer of hope for their people.

"We must be ready for the Minelords when they next find us" they told one another.
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